History of commercial fishing in Cook Inlet

"One of the most important fisheries that helped shape the history of Alaska is the Cook Inlet commercial salmon fishery. The Kenai Peninsula has seen a tremendous history of canneries and buying stations since well before statehood. Since the late 1880s, commercial fishing has been a critical part of Alaskan economy and culture. Settlers rushed to build fish camps throughout the Kenai Peninsula because of abundant salmon resources and other finfish found there. Salmon packers built canneries at Kenai, Kasilof, Chisik Island, Homer, and near Tyonek. Giant fish traps were constructed and dropped into the ocean to harvest salmon by the thousands. For decades, commercial fishing thrived in Cook Inlet."

Katie Sechrist and Joe Rutz put compiled an incredible history of commercial fishing in Cook Inlet. Check it out here

This cool video, the Alaska Fisheries Miracle, documents the history of successful fisheries management in Alaska. It features former Kachemak Bay fisherman and one of Alaska's resident eldest living former legislators, Clem Tillion.