"Salmon farming" sounds so nice, but it is not.

On January 6, 2016, a scientific research paper reported European strains of the Infectious Salmon Anaemia virus (ISAV) in BC farmed and wild salmon. The B.C. Salmon Farmer's Association and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency disputed the studies methodology as well as the "ethics of the researchers involved given their history of reporting false positives with respect to ISAV".

"ISA has never been detected in fish on the West Coast of North America. This report claims to find an ISA sequence, but researchers admit they were unable to verify it using necessary, globally standard follow-up tests." 

It seems that the Canadian Government and the B.C. Salmon Farmer's Association are trying to cover up a causal relationship between farmed salmon and the decline of Fraser River wild sockeye. Check out the documentary "Salmon Confidential" on YouTube.