Frequently asked questions

How do I order?

Contact us by phone, email or fill out one of the web forms above.

How does delivery work?

Let's say you order 20 fresh sockeye salmon and we tentatively agree on a delivery date and location. We'll keep in touch with you when we are fishing. When we know that we will be able to deliver your salmon, we'll contact you and arrange for delivery that night or the next morning. If that time doesn't work for you, we'll contact you again at a later date. You will be part of the process. We meet, you get your premium, fresh salmon and we get paid.

DO you deliver fish every day?

No. Our main job is catching salmon, our second job is catching up on sleep, but our favorite job is getting you fresh, wild-caught salmon. That said, we can't exactly plan on catching your salmon or delivering them on a specific day. At the peak of the run in late July, we hardly leave the boat and there is simply no time for personally delivering salmon. Some days we only catch 20 salmon, some days we catch a thousand. Our season of operation is mid-June through mid-August.

Where do you Deliver?

We have a mobile retail seafood vendor permit and deliver to Homer, Soldotna and places in between.

Can you fillet my fish?

No. We are not permitted by the Food Safety and Sanitation Program to "process" your salmon. We will bleed and gut your fish (unless you prefer otherwise) right after we pick them from the net. We can arrange to have your fish filleted by a custom processor for an additional charge.

How Do I Pay?

We accept cash or credit card. Payment is accepted for fresh salmon upon delivery. Advance payment is required for shipment of frozen salmon, Pay using secure online invoicing by Square™.

What Do I need to Bring?

One or more coolers and payment. We provide ice, bags, and a hand-washing station. For reference, a large cooler is big enough for about six of our large salmon.


Yes and no. You are welcome to meet us at our boat when we dock in the Homer Harbor during June and early July. Unfortunately, the commercial fish docks on the Kasilof and Kenai Rivers are industrial work sites and are not appropriate for retail sales. 

Why Don't you sell by the pound?

We pick the nicest, largest fish from the net and set them aside for direct marketing. These sockeye salmon each weigh about 6 pounds, whole and will provide about 3-1/2 pounds of skin-on fillets. Because most of our customers are buying five or more fish, and because we deliver to you directly from our truck or off the boat, we've found it more practical to sell by quantity. You know in advance exactly how much your fish will cost.

How Much does your fish cost per pound?

We don't sell fresh salmon by the pound. If you do the math (and we've already done it for you), you will find that at $22 per fish our fresh sockeye salmon costs approximately $3.30/pound (whole) or $6.30/pound (skin-on fillets). That's a great price for premium, fresh, wild-caught sockeye salmon and includes delivery, ice and local sales tax (when applicable).

At $15 per fish, our fresh silver salmon (coho) cost approximately $2.15/pound (whole) or $4.00/pound (skin-on fillets).

At $12 per fish, our chum salmon cost approximately $1.85/pound (whole) or $3.50/pound (skin-on fillets).


Shipping costs alone account for about 1/3 of the price of our frozen salmon. We also have a custom processor fillet, package and freeze your fish. Our prices are competitive and you will be getting premium quality, wild-caught Alaska salmon delivered to your doorstep. These fish were caught about two weeks before you receive them, “fresh is frozen”.

How much does your frozen salmon cost per pound?

We will have your frozen salmon fillets or portions weighed on a certified scale. Our frozen sockeye (red) salmon costs $12/pound and our frozen coho (silver) salmon costs $10/pound plus the cost of shipping and boxing. If you want your frozen salmon shipped to the continental US, you will find that our frozen sockeye (red) salmon fillets and portions cost approximately $16 to $19/pound. Our frozen coho (silver) salmon fillets and portions cost approximately $14 to $16/pound. This price includes overnight FedEx shipping to your door. Due to shipping costs, it's a better deal to buy in a larger quantity.


I can't say enough about the quality of fish I received from them. They delivered the fish to my front door, which was very convenient. The fish arrived fresh, on-ice, and in great condition! I work a lot during the summer and I can't always get out to catch my own fish. They made it really easy for us to have fresh, high quality fish to smoke and fill our freezer. 

-Marc R.

“The fish that you sold me are amazing and I have seen a lot of fish!”

-Jan R.

The fish we purchased from you was ridiculously fresh, exceptionally packaged, and amazing in quality.  My kids usually won't eat any kind of fish except for the amazing salmon we got from you. We will hopefully be buying a shipment from you every year.  Thank you for the awesome fish, we can't wait for another big box straight from Alaska!!!

-Justin H.